VerShare is a grassroots organization created in 1998 to build community resilience, support economic development, and foster youth opportunity in Vershire and the surrounding environs.

One of our key methods for achieving these goals is through the art of placemaking. We believe that every community needs safe and fulfilling third places outside of the home and workplace to gather, meet neighbors, but also to grow and discover. We create such places through a calendar of events, both recurring and seasonal, and the use of both private and public properties in town, not to mention the inclusion of remote programs through Zoom.

Our primary asset is a 19th century farmhouse in the middle of town that hosts a hostel, children’s library, a small shop that sells crafts and produce from the local area, and a public meeting space for small gatherings and events. We support our community directly through our engagement programs, such as the community food shelf, youth summer camp, financial assistance programs, and many more.

VerShare is powered by a dedicated team of super-volunteers that sit on the board, manage committees, program and run events, apply for grants, and generally look out for the welfare of the community.

The following principles were adopted at the formation of this organization on March 20, 1997 and continue to be the guiding light for the organization.

  • Always show respect for others and their views.
  • Have patience. Have more patience.
  • Consider diversity as a strength.
  • Include everyone and support inclusiveness.
  • Foster community.
  • Acknowledge all good work.
  • Be authentic.
  • Foster cultural and historical integrity.
  • Preserve wild lands and resource areas.
  • Provide for social and ecological sustainability.
  • Give local resources and talents priority.
  • Provide equitable compensation.
  • Look at everything as a learning experience.
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