The Vershire Community Library, located in the Church-Orr House, was opened on August 3, 2002. From the beginning, the library has focused on providing services to younger children, but there is also an excellent collection of books for adults and older children.

Call Andrea at 802-333-3690 to inquire about upcoming events or volunteering.

Library Hours

Tuesday playgroup/storytime 9:30 am @ Town Center and Library
Thursdays 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm

2017 saw the biggest change for our little library in a long time: the retirement of our Librarian, Lynn Roy. After 15 years of serving the children and other residents of Vershire, Lynn stepped down on September 1st. The town turned out to thank her on September 29th at the Town Center, and many people helped create a scrapbook of memories and gratitude for her at the event and by sending in thoughts and well wishes from around the world. Andrea Herrington, a long-time Library Committee member, stepped up to fill this volunteer Librarian position. Peggy Darrow has become the Saturday volunteer coordinator. Many thanks to her and all our Saturday volunteers for their dedicated hours serving our town and keeping the Library open, organized, and such a friendly, welcoming place.

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